Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll be gone for awhile. Happy Deepavali Everyone.

My dear friends,
I'll be gone for awhile. I might not write for awhile. Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians. Hope this year 2008 festival of lights would bring brightness to all the marginalised Indians and other races of Malaysia. Over this 50 years, Malaysia has become a country for a few powerful and well placed individuals in the Barisan Nasional Party. Many were booted out in the recent 2008 Election but there were many who still managed to hold on to their seats. But let this be a reminder. Hindraf's 2007 massive rally is nearing a year. This country has changed slightly. The Birth of a true opposition party has been realised. But the struggle and fate of the Indians are still as hazy as it has was in the beginning.
Another earth moving struggle will surface and it will crumble BN. Hindraf cannot be killed, tortured, poisoned or destroyed. Because it has no head, tail or body. It's a voice, an awakening. Makkal Sakthi is an conscious.
You cant arrest 2 million people. You cant catch 2 million. But U might be able to catch me and few others who are like me but another one will take my place. And after him another. How long can you keep catching and locking up us? Because we are here to stay and stay we shall. God save the King and Malaysia.

Uthaya's speech for KL Duta Court 20/10/08

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dear Hindraf Supporters

Thank you for the concern shown on the recent ban on HINDRAF. Many of you are anxious as to what would happen next. Numerous questions have been posed. What would we do? Have we lost the struggle?

The answer is a simple NO. Yes the Government has declared HINDRAF unlawful. They have taken away our "body" (HINDRAF) but they can never take away our souls for the humanity that will prevail. We belong to a great tradition which believes in the Law of Karma and Reincarnation- the spirit of HINDRAF would soon emerge in a new body, a much energized and energetic force which would lead us to greater democratic heights.

The artificial authority along with the spinmasters of UMNO led by the ruling government continues to chastise us. Let it be.

The history and each person's experience is the hard truth and reality that cannot be killed and what HINDRAF is fighting for is the hard truth and the reality and not what sounds good. The sanctity and dignity is on the truth and the reality is the base of HINDRAF and the Almighty in any form will protect us, as HINDRAF is a humanity struggle in the Almighty's blessing for his children.

Be patient – it would be sooner than later. Oppression intimidation and threats by the Malaysian Government will never derail our struggle. Let us all await the new "Rising Power" of Makkal Sakthi.


P.Waytha Moorthy

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Disbanded Hindraf

Malaysianatheart commented to the ‘Stay calm and stay cunning. Don’t react. For now’ post :
By Haris Ibrahim

Hindraf is caught in a web of its own making. Several months ago I had suggested to Waytha Moorthy in London that he must re-brand Hindraf. Its far too communal. However, it seems that they fear losing the support of the multitudes that made Hindraf possible. And they lack ideas about how they ought to re-brand. In fact, even within the Indian community, there is a sense of unease about Hindraf’s clarion call.

It is now an opprtune time for Waytha and gang to re-brand. They have demonised Hindraf and “declared it illegal”. So if now Hindraf disappears from the face of the earth - and re-emerges almost immediately as something else - what will the desperado UMNO morons have to demonise or declare as illegal? In fact they will be at a complete loss. They will no longer have a whipping boy!

Come on Moorthy - lets show these morons that WE LISTEN to the rakyat. If the Rakyat want Hindraf to change or reform - then we will. Come out with a press statement that due to popular demand, Hindraf has been disbanded! However, Moorthy will be setting up a new front to tackle ethnic marginalization - including the non-malay bumis in East Malaysia??? Something to that effect. No longer marginalization of Indians - but ethnic marginalization.

All in all what we need to do is remove fodder that UMNO now have to keep shifting the Rakyat’s attention. If Waytha Moorthy comes out and declares that Hindraf has been disbanded - well hopefully that will be the end of UMNO being able to whip up racial sentiments. Of course they are going to accuse Moothy and gang of misleading the people, and that they are lying, that they have not in fact disbanded etc - but hey, they will again come out looking quite foolish. And no one is going to buy their rhetoric.


Hindraf Baru!

What the government has banned is just a name. You cannot banned consciousness. It's purely ridicule's. The struggle will go on. The idea is far greater than fear. Hindraf is just a name. Banning Hindraf is like banning the Indian community.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Batu Caves true documentary 25th Nov 2007

I'm obligated to put this clips in my blog. To expose the truth that happened on the 25Th Nov 2007. The events that conspired that night. The speeches that was given that night. This people dare to do the unthinkable. This are people who gave birth to the makkal sakthi movement. Unfortunately they were punished severely for their efforts. Since lately there are alot of talks demonising HINDRAF. I would like to recap the events that led to the birth of the Hindraf's strenght. I am sure that every single person at that place that night will never forget or forgive the puppeteers who hurt them that day. Sadly I couldn't be there that night but i did bald my head in protest for the use of ISA against the 5 hindraf coordinators after that incident. Hope this men's can celebrate Deepavali with their families this year.

Waytha Moorthy Interviewed in London

Special Interview with Hindraf, Waytha. Moorthy In London a few weeks ago.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Penang to be a Wi-Fi State.

The idea sounds great. It would be a big leap forward for Penang state government to bring public awareness to the use of technology on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, lately there has been a lot of criticism to this technology possible side effects.

Present official stands in other countries on the same issue: Many advanced countries have adopted a precautionary approach to the use of wireless technology. The Swiss government issued a health alert on electrosmog in 2005.

Germany, Austria and Belgium have all advised schools against installing Wi-Fi networks. In France, five public libraries shut down their Wi-Fi over health concerns. Last year, the German government warned its citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi.

Latest world developments on the matter: Concern over Wi-Fi has been recently raised in the European Parliament. In August 2007, the Bioinitiative Report, endorsed by 14 world experts – the latest scientific opinion on electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – warned that "corrections are needed in the way we accept, test and deploy" wireless technologies "in order to avert public health problems of a global nature".

Countries like South Korea has Wi-fi for nearly all their major cities. Nearly half of UK primary schools and more than 70% of secondary schools are fitted with Wi-Fi networks.

But The World Health Organisation says there are "no adverse health effects from low-level, long-term exposure". Scientists generally believe that Wi-Fi ought to be safer than mobile phone radiation because Wi-Fi devices transmit over shorter distances and so can operate at lower power. The Health Protection Agency says a person sitting within a Wi-Fi hot spot for a year receives the same dose of radio waves as a person using a mobile phone for 20 minutes.

What i would recommend is that all public transport places, libraries and hardcore city areas to have wi-fi for the time being. Have a 3 year expansion plan. So people who wishes not to be in this hotspot can migrate. Wi-fi unfortunately is a technology that cannot be ignored. As fast as the technology of hand phones and computer grow the the use of Wi-fi grows. For instance while i was travelling in Switzerland, I was looking for a place to stay while i was travelling on a train. Since i had a day travel pass, my destination didn't matter. All the train station in Switzerland has free wi-fi. So Everytime the train pulled into a station, I quickly pulled out my laptop and searched for all the hostels and hotels in the next town. Then from my present town to the next town i would call this places to see if there were any vacancy. By the time i reach there i could decide if i needed to get down at that station or not. If they weren't any vacancy then i would do the same for the next town.

Technology is there for us to use. But the responsible thing to do for the state government is to finance their own state university, University Sains Malaysia to carry out a research on this. It would be responsible for a government to have such an approach. What the Pakatan Rakyat Government in Penang does would show a good example to the other states governments to follow. Whatever done with responsibility and precautions is sure to reduce of going wrong.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Era Ameno Turkish

This a comedy clip from Turkey. The first time i saw it totally cracked me. Without taking it personal and sensitive religiously. This is a clip worth watching and enjoying. Well planned and executed.
Many have tried to reproduce this act but with no success. This one is still the best.

Hindraf To Visit PM again in Penang today!

Hindraf has planned to visit Badawi at his open house in Penang today. The ones who went to PWTC on Hari Raya to meet him were the supporters from the south. This ones are from the North. It's Expected to be a thousand of them this time. But i'm sure this time around it wont just be Hindraf making the waves because alot of others have seen it's effectiveness and would like to participate this time. There is a saying no publicity is bad publicity. The reason in carrying out this protest is to show mass public protest againts government actions. It's like playing Black Jack. You reveal just enough to intimidate your opponent to act. Hindraf has done eveything peacefully so far. So the harsh comments to demonise Hindraf is purely lying thru their teeth.

A few of the comments from Malaysiakini and Utusan.

Timo Finian: To aspire to be a politician in the Malaysian sense, one has to be an idealist. To sustain oneself as a politician in the Malaysian sense, one has to be a materialist.

What does Hindraf hope to accomplish going against a battalion of hard-core materialists is anyone's guess. As far as the latter are concerned, the vile ISA, the centre of all the commotion, is to protect their own selfish interests and has nothing to do with ideology.

It wouldn't have moved them even if the whole hall was filled with a sea of black and red t-shirts. They would only find it all the more amusing to the chagrin of the protesters.

A wiser alternative, to make their voices heard, would be to hit them where it hurts. A nationwide boycott of all Petronas stations would be a small start followed by government-owned banks, tabloids etc.

A quick check online could reveal a list of interests owned and operated by Umno fat-cats like hotels and gas-stations. The list could go on.

Bloggers, activists. you need your thinking-caps rather than t-shirts that 'make a lot of noise'.

Malay language daily Utusan Malaysia front-paged several comments by Islamic non- governmental organisations saying Hindraf’s attempt to meet the prime minister at the open house was ‘overboard, discourteous and disrespectful’.

"Their (Hindraf) action was an insult to the Muslims’ celebration, it is uncivilised and irresponsible," said Peninsular Malay Students Federation (GPMS) vice president Syed Anuar Syed Mohamad.
"GPMS requests the government to ignore them as Hindraf is not a legal institution. Action should be taken against them, no matter if it is ISA or other legal action," he added.

Shamsul Anuar Nasarah of the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) was reported as saying that the Hindraf nove was ‘disrespectful and untimely’.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sivamani awesome clip

Sivamani is One of India's finest musician. Well know for his drummings in AR Rahman and Illiaraja songs. I found this clip of him playing music in a very famous Indian Restaurant kitchen in LA.

Persistence led to Victory- "Say NO to ISA"

Yesterday at PM Badawi's Open House function. Anti-ISA and Hindraf supporters showed their overwhelming support to the PM. 500 Hindraf supporters and 20 bloggers persistently stood their ground till they were given a chance to meet the PM and to convey their cause. Vey proud of them. Wished i could be there to support them. Photo's of their effort and courage.