Monday, April 28, 2008

Samy V the Boss

Recently the call for UMNO party leaders like PM Abdullah Badawi, Education minister Hishamuddin and Federal Territory Minister Zulhasnan Rafique to step down. Shows how much of turmoil is brewing in the party. Coalition MCA leaders and party member are fighting among themselves to survive.
But MIC has been so quiet. This is truly the arena where MIC Chairman Samy Vellu is the champion. This is why he has been a Senior Minister for so many years. A legend. He could have won his last election seat. But he was caught off guard, he wasn't ready for Malaysia's new generation of politics. Especially the indians who became matured all of a sudden like instant Maggi. Malaysians actually started maturing after the BERSIH and HINDRAF rallies. Which took place late last year. Bringing forward the election was a wrong strategy by BN. Seeing them perform poorly at the elections.
But the issue now is not Samy Vellu but BN. DR Mahathir who started the initial calling for Abdullah Badawi to step down has now picked up momentum and UMNO members all around Malaysia are have started to join the bandwagon but not just to oust Badawi but many other party section leaders. This might be a genuine effort reform or just dirty politics at it's best.
Even Tengku Razaleigh has given a statement saying that Anwar probably be the next PM. Even tough Tengku Razaleigh himself is eying for the PM seat under the BN ruling. Anwar was the one who help build UMNO Sabah. So he has many strong allies over there. So getting a mere 30 parliamentary members to cross over might not be too far fetch as majority of BN seats are from Sabah and Sarawak. To be exact 54 out of 142 total BN seats won. And I'm very sure there is many in the Peninsular Malaysia who would be interested in jumping over as well.
So all this explains the outburst of UMNO members calling for immediate reform because people have lost hope in UMNO and Anwars growing power has given BN the shivers. I predict that UMNO will have it's party election before September. In this coming months we will be seeing many prominent faces being taken out. So let's watch what BN can come up with to win back their popularity. But my vote is against Race Based Politics. RBP is a sickness that Malaysia needs to recover from. The Malays in Malaysia are worried that their survival is being threatened and their future sold to the non-Malays by Anwar. Why do the Malays need to worry? If this makes you worried. Then Imagine all this years how the non-Malays would have felt. Put your feet in their shoes and see how their insecurity and deprivation has affected their lives. In Equality there is no master or slave. Those who need help is given help. We are all children's of this land. I wouldn't hurt my siblings and they wouldn't hurt me back either if we were all treated the same. What is there to quarrel or fight about if everyone is treated fairly and equally.

The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience. Mohandas Gandhi

If we open up out mind. The possibilities is endless.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is Anwar Ibrahim Malaysia's next PM?

If you asked me. I would would probably say yes. He looks pretty convincing. He is in a position and situation where he cannot afford to produce lies. He might not be everyone's favorite choice but he is the man for the job for now. He is what Malaysia needs at the moment. We need a strong leader to drive this nation back to being one of the leading countries in Asia. Our government lacks political common sense. And Anwar has proven he has plenty of it. With his unexpected big success in the last general election. By Collaborating with other opposition parties and finding a platform for all parties to work together produced his desired outcome.
He has given a statement today stating it wont take him more than 3 years to be the next PM. I would be interested to see his line up for his cabinet. I am very sure the Indian support is still strongly hold by the opposition and for good reasons. Even tough Datuk Samy has been addressing all the issues which were earlier been avoided by him. He still has a long way to go to earn back the people's trust and respect. I personnel y think he needs the peoples backing on this issues because he is still a very strong man with political power and He can do much more now for the people without the government holding him back. I feel we should let him do his part before he leaves for good.
The 5 guys in ISA is still a very big concern to the Indian public. As the government still does not want to address their wrong doings. Where this would end up is still a big question mark.
Another news that bothers me is that the rise in fuel price which should also benefit the Malaysian government because we are also fuel exporters. It's US$117 for a barrel now. Why would it be a burden to our country? In subsidies? Maybe someone could explain it to me. Talking about the fuel price, the High Speed Electric train between KL and Singapore would have been the answer to our prayers but the government dropped the project. Air travel price will only keep going up. And our government reduces our options. No new Bridge, No new Immigration and No new alternative travel. What happen to our famous slogan "Malaysia Boleh".
So lets see if Anwar can turn around all this problem and make Malaysia a more efficient, clean, peaceful and democratic country. There is talks of making Malaysian Press free from government control. Hard to believe but lets hope they do.

I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people. Mohandas Gandhi

Maybe thats the kind of leader we need now. Take care and god bless you all.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Be responsible Ministers

Today is Singapore Prime Minister addressed the recent escape of a JI leader Mas Selamat escape from Singapore changi prison. A minister would be let go said PM Lee today. There is cause and action. This is something our Malaysian government seriously needs to practice. Keris waving Minister and A royal member stating that non Malays should be grateful that they were given citizenships even tough they could be 4 or 5 generations in Malaysia. This are the people who should be been publicly punished for inciting anger and increasing racial tension which is already strained. A Prime Minister who does not address such issues quickly could raise doubt among his people about his intentions and interest as well. This only worries us about our future in this country.
In addition, the long awaited speed rail system between KL and Singapore which was suppose to be finalised soon just got shelved by our Ministry again. This topic was first discussed in 1990 and it is yet to be materialised. But this time, this could be because the air route between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore has been newly open to airasia. Who is actually the cheapest airlines to fly in south east asia at the moment. But the more important fact lies not in it's air route but it's shareholders. The biggest share partner in airasia is PM Abdullah's brother and second is his Son In Law Khairy Jamaluddin. The more famous cover boy MR Tony Fernandez is actually the smallest share holder of airasia. So the truth about the never materialising train could be more sinister than we thought of earlier.
Thousands of Malaysian and Singaporean travel between KL and Singapore weekly so this only disappoints them further because the time proposed for this future travel means only takes 90minute compared to the flight which takes 50Min's and bus 5 hours. We only speak about competing with the western world but realisticly we are far behind in reaching anywhere close to them.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Why did you think you lost 2/3?

Was the opposition strong because the non Malays hav turned against the government? This is a common opinion of BN supporters. What they fail to understand is that, the people is too fed up with UMNO's high handed action and arrogance. This is the reason for the high swing in malay votes. And yes the opposition also consist of malays. So this is not the issue of malays againts the non-malays. The alliance which BN claims it is based upon is not what it seems. UMNO controls or would i say decides what all the parties deserve and designed to handle. The present government has done their job. I wouldn't say they weren't doing their job but the level of corruption involved is too much to be ignored anymore.
People's tax money are being used for projects that has nothing to do with the people. And all the people involved in getting this project approved get a share for their hard work. But this are all the people's money. Every single tax you pay goes to the government and they implement a new project. For example, using new state of the art equipments. They buy the stuff. somebody gets a cut and then they install this stuff. Somebody gets another cut. But they don't secure a budget for maintaining this project. They don't secure the right people to sustain this projects. Finally the project fails. Then they get another budget to tear down all this things. Somebody else gets a cut for that.
Then another guy comes along and implements another thing. The cycle starts again. This is how all our hard earn money is being washed away. All those billions of dollars could be use to subsidies our petrol, tolls and food. The cost of living is ridiculous. The value for money is so low in Malaysia now. RM10 cant get you anything nowadays. Whenever i go out, i spend at least RM50. When i was in the UK, 10pounds could get one week of groceries. And they import most of their stuff. But Malaysia is still known for it's agricultural export. We grow stuff. We have petrol. We have land. We have a high growing population compared with other leading countries. And yet we are so weak to control out economy and stabilise our inflation. If we a much more stable and wealthy country compared to other south east asian countries cant keep our heads above the water than the people who are in charge of doing so is not doing enough.
We have the wrong people doing the job. Our country is headed the wrong way. And we don't have a solid leader to address this important issues. In every organisation there must be a leader. Someone to take the responsibility to decide, execute and deal with situations. If the person in charge is not ready or is incapable of handling it that he is in the wrong seat. He should have the intuition to step aside or step down. Or else listen to the people's decision. I believe it is time the country needs a new government. If we keep dividing the people our country can never stand united. We can never be one nation working for one goal. Currently we are misguided and divided. A bad position to be at a time like this. When every goods price is rising because of the rise in fuel price. We pay and choose this people to protect us from this volatility around us. If they cant protect us then what good are they.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.

This is my first time blogging. I have written in mails and distributed before this. Now i wish take a bolder action and start blogging. I hope my words and ideas don't offend anyone. I never pick on a person but just try to understand their actions by discussing it. I will generally speak more about political , religion and economy issues in Malaysia. Purely my own opinion. I'm a Malaysian living abroad for the time being. In good time i hope to go back home and practice what i preach. Malaysia is a wonderful country with everything you could need but is wrongly managed and divided. Sadly this was what that drove me away from my homeland 7 years ago.