Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The show begins. Malaysiakini

Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial is to be heard from 2pm today, after the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What happens if Anwar goes back to jail? Malaysiakini

The biggest Malaysian news hogger for this year would have started this week but got postponed till next week. What do you think of Anwar's trial? A sham, a conspiracy or justice?

If this mole was sent by UMNO into Anwars camp to dig in to his personal life and claim sodomy later. The clever thing to do for whoever who sent him in there was to make sure he had enough evidence to bury Anwar before exposing Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

So, do you think they will be successful? We will know soon. But the worrying question here is not just Anwar's fate for coming years but this Nations fate? We all know that Pakatan Rakyat is hold together by Anwar's sticky glue. DAP and PAS is a partner that is definitely not what you call "Opposite attracts". From Ideology to representation they are completely opposite to each other. So PKR has gone all out to recruit as much politically influence people as they can grab. To be the alternative voice in the Pakatan Rakyat formula. Being the youngest and less experienced party in this Pakatan Rakyat Establishment. They needed more qualified and experience people to field for the next general election.

Will Pakatan Rakyat survive if Anwar goes back to prison? I don't think so. If Anwar goes back to Prison. He looses his MP seat. They will need a new opposition leader. His wife will need to stand again at Permatan Pauh. There will definitely be a few massive rallies but that's not going to change anything. We will definitely see Barisan Nasional loose more seat in the next GE. Their days are numbered. But the opposition wont be united. So an opposition state government will probably be still 3 or 4 but never a new federal government.

But there is a possibility that in his absences there might be aspiring new revolutionary leaders rising to unite the opposition or maybe create a single strong opposition. It's not practical for now but a possibility of a Pakatan Rakyat government wasn't realistic not too long ago also. Fingers crossed that the voice of the opposition never dies if this turn bad for Anwar. Who knows maybe Najib might just do what his father did to salvage their power by suppressing the opposition and suspending the Parliament. We can throw bricks made of words at him but a man in his position in Malaysia can't be touched. We could end up as a dictator ruling. Then we all can forget about a place called home.

Our Nations future, our children's future and our country's future is now in the hands of Najib. We will never know what lies ahead of us until the Parliament really runs this country.