Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hindraf has a Tamil Racist Mentality?

Dear Friends, Dr.Mahathir is either speaking purely out of lack off information or purely ambitious to garner the Malay Muslim support since he has left UMNO. He need to state his point of view to the Malays so they know where he stands on the Malay Supremes i issue. But he failed to understand that Makkal Sakthi is actually anti BN-UMNO dictatorship. It has nothing to do with Malays or being racist. It was the arrogance of UMNO who assumed they could manipulate this country and it's people to serve their personal interest. So the people needed to unite to bring down this empire. To unite a force you first need to find a common issue. The Indians who just happened to be Tamils for the obvious reasons united to fight against this discrimination. It was the discrimination towards the minority that led to the fall of 5 states to the opposition. The Umno arrogance that made the Malays vote against BN. Many who went out there to vote for the opposition was not because they believe in them but because they wanted BN to learn a lesson. There is a movement brewing towards boy coting Petronas. I have been reading on this matter alot lately and I find that this is the most influential action to take. Not because of retaliation but instead of necessity to control the oil market by the users. The price of oil actually sky rocketed because of a few reasons like future optioning, oil producing countries having internal problems, speculations from US researchers and huge demands (nearly double since 10years ago) from China and India.
In Malaysia, Increasing 41% is a big blow for the nation. Even the middle class feel the pinch. Imagine the lower income group. There is alot more to it. Example like the good effect of oil price increasing and the back effects. I'll post it when i have the time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Indian Dilemma

I was born in the time DR. Mahathir became the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I grew up knowing only him as the Prime Minister. Like an ordinary Indian boy i was raised from a simple middle class family. Going thru our good old government school, i made many friends. Friends from all races but i would like to talk about my Indian friends in this story. I had 17 Indian friends in my batch to be exact. We bonded well and to our version of the past were the legends. I was more of the simple student, who hardly did his homework and got plenty of free advice from the teachers periodically. I had a simple satisfaction with my SPM results but with big plans for my future. So did my other 17 friends. So i left to the UK to further my studies because i knew i was not going to get anything with my bad Bahasa Malaysia credit. Many of my friends went to do STPM, some went to private colleges and universities, some went to do A levels and some just went into business.
There was a few things i noticed after coming back from UK. The friends who went into business were doing much better than all the rest. The statistic is 1 made it to Government University and 1 got a overseas scholarship. 4 didn't further their studies and went into bussines. 8 studied in collages and Private Universities and 2 studied abroad.
So that makes only 6% of the Indian students who got scholarship. So just to make it interesting. If the government gave 200 scholarship as how the have promised lately then it would be 12 Indian students in the entire country eligible to obtain this scholarship. Interesting and if this was to follow a quota system of 10% for non-bumi's then what happens? There is more than 4,000 student who scores straight A1's last year. Imagine how unfortunate our position is being a non-bumi. And that friend of mine who got a scholarship wasn't even a government one.
So how much does your government help you? I would like to make a statement that When the bumiputra realizes that they cannot survive without the non-bumiputra than only will they accept to demolish such unfair quato's.
When the non-bumiputra is paying 90% of the taxes and the bumi's paying 10%. But they get 90% of the share and leave only 10% for the rest. Isn't this called discrimination? I don't have a discount in buying a house or land or taking a loan or a grant or getting business tax exemption. From getting a license to employing your staff you have special concessions. You have special financial support for having more children while the non-bumi's suffers to put even one child thru college. And when we come to the government for help to reduce the the taxes or fuel and food prices we are told that the government doesn't have money. Where is all our money? All the tax payers money?
There is an American study about abortion reduces future crime rate. What it says is that when a child is unwanted by it's mother for reason's like unable to provide a proper surrounding for the child or without a father or she is incapable of taking care of a child. This child by statistic raised up in a rejected surrounding ends up being a criminal. So by legalizing abortion in the 70's and making it affordable. In the next few decades the crime rate suddenly decline as result to lesser children are raised up in unhealthy surroundings. Which explains the sudden drop of crime rate in the 90's in the USA. So like that the Malaysians from the lower income group who needs the government support end up being neglected because of the quota system for the countries distribution of wealth. And Indian families who need to sell their house and take up huge loans to educate their children are struggling in our country and are ignored by this quota system. And indirectly the amount of Indian who are capable of coming out of their unfortunate state is effected by this quota system because higher education is highly competitive and expensive. Most of the Indian families can only put one child thru college and the rest till STPM. For an Indian STPM is like a wheel of fortune. You are gambling with your time, future and with your education. And many of them choose to start doing menial works because they have become a burden to their family.
I want to make it very clear that i do not have any racial hatred. I only hate to see what the government has done to my people. By people who abused their power to benefit their interest groups. While the rest were left ignored. We carried this country on our shoulders and built this country with our own hands. From generation to generation the Indians worked from the ground up and today. I stand as a Malaysian only on paper. With a stern reminder by the government that i was lucky to have landed here. If the non-bumi's all of a sudden decided to pack up and leave Malaysia. The entire country will collapse. That isn't a joke. So please treat us with dignity. I don't owe anyone a living. So don't eat off my plate.

Indian Dilemma