Monday, April 26, 2010

A New Beginning for Hindraf. for Malaysiakini

A slightly isolated party Hindraf might need to join Pakatan Rakyat if the Pakatan Rakyat's Dream is to become a reality of moving into Putrajaya.

Hulu Selangor By-election has shown Pakatan Rakyats weakness. BN threw in 160 million to win with just a majority of 1,700. But it's not the money they had that saved them.

The Indians there were deciding factor since the Malay votes were 50-50 and the chinese were 100% for PR. The Indians this time supported BN 100%. Not because they were lured with money but because Kamalanathan is an Indian, Local and he is part of a new leadership in BN.

Even tough Zaid Ibrahim has the reputation and support to have won this By-Election comfortably against a nobody. He failed purely because BN did it's homework well and choose their candidate knowing Hindraf wouldn't be involved in this by-election. If it was one of the Hindraf party leaders standing against BN with the PR support for the by-election it would have been in favor of PR.

The fall out between PR and Hindraf is very unfortunate. But if Pakatan Rakyat is serious about toppling BN it has to seriously consider working with Hindraf. Because like Hulu Selangor there are many places in Malaysia that Indians are the deciding factor on an election.

It's a real pity that Zaid Ibrahim lost in this By-Election at Hulu Selangor. I would have loved to see him in Parliament. The General Election is not too far away. In another 2 years we will see the final showdown. With the help Hindraf it might be a reality to see a better Malaysia.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hulu Selangor By Election

This is a time where Malaysia needs to grow up. We have been repetitively been fed bullshit above bullshit by the present ruling government. When was the last you saw a Government representative come out with a clear announcement about the Countries financial condition.
All the countries around Malaysian has taken preemptive actions to counter the economic slowdown. If we don't have much FDI then who has been feeding our economy. What I've heard is that they have been taking heavy loans to support our economy The Government has not taken any counter productive effort to support our country. The mess up with all the political issues that has been boiling up has not be addressed properly as well.
Do you want to continue with this kind of life? Let's make a change. Vote Zaid Ibrahim. Change Malaysia for the better.