Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is it because i'm Black!!

MP Gopalakrihnan and his boys were arrested, 9 Hindraf leaders were arrested in this Permatang Pauh Election period. Why is this double standards happening? Don't tell me it was a total coincidence they all happen to be Indians. To uphold the truth we get beaten up. Being an MP and the police can whack him till he landed in hospital. If we dont stand up for our rights. This racial side lining will never stop. Firm and corrective actions need to be taken. Never by the use of violent but i think an act of civil disobedience should pave the way. We have about 2 weeks to see if Anwar is able to topple the government. If unsuccessful then Hindraf has to rise to the occasion and lead the movement to topple UMNO.If the police are not scared in doing that than imagine where they have put us as Malaysians.
I will refuse to obey to their orders and i will refuse to be treated second class. I was born here, my father was born here and my grandfather was born here and my children will born here. This is my home and my future.
Malaysia adalah untuk Malaysian. Malaysia adalah negara yang berbilang kaum. Di dunia sekarang hampir semua negara berbilang kaum. Adakah mereka berkelakuan seperti UMNO. Mengunakan isu isu agama and kaum untuk memegang kepada kuasa. Hancur UMNO, Hancurkan Politik berasas kaum.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar has won with makkal sakthi

Glad to know the results. so what is left is will he swear in tommorow or BN going to delay it till next week so that he cant do anything during the announcement of the budget. But our target is to topple the government. Let us not forget our objective. BN has failed to serve the people for far too long. Time to make changes. Time to make malaysia a better place for all of us.

6 hours left in permatang pauh

Things are heating up as more questions arrise at the polling stations. If Anwar wins they will try to delay his swearing in till next week so that he misses this friday budget at the parliement. Look at how corrupt the entire malaysia system.
If they try to delay his swearing in. What are we going to do about it? Let's think how to bend the governments arm into do it?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Inspirational speech by Rajinikanth

One of my favourite people in the world. He has given alot of good speeches. But this is one is very rare and original from him.
Superstar Rajinikanth speaks at AVM School during early 90's
Have the time, please watch.


Makkal Sakthi Lost in Translation

Barisan Nasional or Umno has successfully used the Makkal Sakthi banner to steal some limelight for them self.
I am a supporter of the Hindraf movement. I appreciate and support their hard work and struggle to expose the truth and bring up the one of the most neglected race in Malaysia. Makkal Sakthi is slogan used to represent the fire that is burning in all Malaysians heart who want a fair and equal Malaysia. Makkal Sakthi meaning people's power is purely for pursuing justice.
Unfortunately to show that the government is listening to the Indian community needs. They allowed a splinter group from Hindraf to carry out a special prayers at seberang jaya for the 5 Hindraf leaders in ISA. Badawi even went to attend this function and gave his assurance to look into their 18 points memorandum. This is the man who could not even accept a rose from a child.
If Badawi wanted to show good faith. Release the 5 Hindraf leaders. Hindraf is not a political party. It does not want to get involved with politics. So by this function carried out by Mr VK Regu only allows BN to use it as a platform to only garner the Indian sympathy votes for Arif Shah.
Another political game played by BN so professionally. But i think they did not expect the true hindraf to intervene so quickly. Hence the commotion at the function. VK regu was a member of hindraf but left it for sometime. He still believes in the struggle but hindraf has to plan and decide every action they take to ensure that the wrong message is not sent out. Having most of their leaders in prison they have to make sure they thread very carefully. The last thing they want to do is create racial tension. It is very easy to be misinterpreted. So by Mr.VK Regu's action, he was not considering the entire Hindraf struggle. Especially at a time were an election is being carried out. The 8 Hindraf leaders arrested yesterday was not necessary. Even 2 womens were arrested. I think the government blundered at that point. I'm sure the Indians are definitely not going to vote for BN now. Arif shah you just lost your 6% of vote.
Alot have criticised Anwar for showing support to Hindraf. He might or might not believe in their struggle but he has given them the encouragement and support they needed to keep the struggle going as even he is struggling for justice.
Anwar is not very much different from Mahathir. They are both very intelligent man. They both have the capability to bring Malaysia to great height's. Malaysia deserve an intelligent and capable Prime Minister. So lets not deprive Malaysia. The difference between this men's are that Anwar will owe his position to the people and Mahathirs was to his party.
Anwar has to stay true to his words because like a scientist. He has created a creature. If he betrays it then it will only destroy him. Just like playing with fire.
The People's Voice is much more stronger now. It will keep on growing. If Anwar fails in his task then I'm very sure the people will raise against him in the future. The Pandora's box has opened. So there is no point in UMNO's struggle. It is a falling party. If not now then by the next general election we will see it collapse.

Fortune Teller

Only left 2 days. I'm sure BN has already planned what if Anwar wins situation. They are not just going to let him take over the government. I wouldn't be surprise if they resort to take him out. BN has too much at stake. Before this on the March General Election they were ignorant. But I'm sure they have learnt their lesson. With loosing 5 states to the opposition would have cost them alot of lost revenue. So only place they can dig for more money would be in Sabah and Sarawak.
There would probably be BN spys stationed all over Sabah and Sarawak following all the leaders over there to see who would show signs of jumping ship. They would pay any price asked by that MP to not jump over to the opposition. September 16 is too close to be ignored. Personally i think it's very difficult to achieve what Anwar is setting out to do. There is the other possibility where Pakatan Rakyat MP could be tempted by the cash to jump over to BN. That could be dangerous for Pakatan Rakyat as it's whole strategy is based on MP's crossing over. Which leave a very slim majority over the other party.
If Anwar losses. There could be that possibility because BN has a past bad record in corrupted campaigns and look at how they are campaigning in Permatan Pauh. They are all working on destroying Anwars image. They are not winning hearts of the people with ideology and plans. If BN won is because people were not sure if they should vote for Anwar. Which we will surely see on the polling day when the total turnout voters would be announced.
If Anwar looses BN or should i saw UMNO would definately bury Anwar's political future. They will make sure the sodomy case sticks on him. And they will definately put him in prison or like Hindraf leader would self exile himself.
So Anwar you better win. Or else everything is over. Goodluck.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Permatang Pauh 2008

People might not realise how important this bi-election has become. If Anwar wins, he might not just be the MP for Permatan Pauh but also the Prime Minister.
So this is it. In a couple more days we will know if Anwar has the support of the people. If he wins, regardless of the size of difference.Because with so much of effort from BN and so many people campaigning for BN. It's impossible to ignore that they might get their share of the peoples vote.
But will Anwar keep his word. Will Malaysia change for the better? Will Unity among the people finally be achive? Will the Malaysian be proud of being Malaysians?
When i was sitting in a park in Bangkok last week chilling out with my friends. Suddenly just before 6 in the evening everyone in the park stood up. They stood for their national anthem which none of us could hear it being played. At that point i urged my friends to join them. To my surprise western tourist were already joining the locals. We stood for less than 5 Min's. But when i sat down i felt a different man. I felt so much respect for the people of Thailand. They had true unity and respect.
I sincerely hope that one day i would stand up even to the faintest national anthem regardless what I'm doing. And hope that i would not be laughed by my fellow Malaysians. Because at present nobody respects a country if they are not respected. Malaysians has become alien to their own land, Malaysia.
Anwar deserve a chance to prove himself. Vote for him. Better him than Najib. So vote Anwar. Lets try to make a change. Even if we failed at least we will know that we tried. God save Malaysia.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I just got back from bangkok.

Bangkok was very much like Kuala Lumpur. The thing that i found we malaysian should learn from them is there civic sense. They dont litter. They place was clean because the people dont litter. 60%of the vehicle i saw ran on gas and biofuel. And the most important thing i learnt from them is how they treat their animals with humanity and good heart. Mahatma Gandhi said that "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".
This is way thailand has managed to preserve the heritage and culture so well. It was amazing to see how they blend the modern and cultural world in one city.
Unfortunately i have to add as well that Bangkok is over commercialised for the western world. We asian are subjected to it as well. Overall it was a good experiance.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

PAS at it again. cont Discover your Destiny- sofi wahab, malaysiakini

2days ago at Muktamar Tahunan Dewan Pemuda PAS Ke-49 at Stadium Indera Mulia in Ipoh. Pemuda PAS President said they will confront and take action againts any of the Pakatan Rakyat state government if they do not, In their words in malay " memperjuangkan hak, nilai dan prinsip Islam yang termaktub dalam undang-undang tubuh negeri masing-masing."

They said, they will confront diplomaticly or even personal confrontation. This is a follow up after Selangor state MB suggested that UITM to open up and allow 10% non-muslim to study there. 3,000 students protested againt this.

Why is there even a only Muslim university which is funded by the non-bumi's tax money anyway? Why should we pay for your education when you cant even accept 10% of non-bumi's into your universities? If you feel scared or threatened now then how are you going to face the real world? Time to mature people.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat Reviewed

If Anwar does not take an action against this Zulkifli Noordin there there is definitely going to split in ideology. Nobody going to trust Anwar's intention of doing good for all Malaysians.
There start of the end of Pakatan Rakyat. Islam is not Malaysia. It is Malaysians who make Malaysia. As long you don't understand this there can never be a united Malaysia and a successful country. Make a stand Anwar. Take action. PAS better stop pushing this Islamic front. There were hundred of thousands of Malaysians who are not Muslim that voted for you candidates. Obviously it was not for your ideology and credibility. Simple just for a change. So if you think by implying Islam is Malaysia and the non-Muslim has no rights to question anything. No religion is above the law. Regardless if is under any form of court. Don't bring religion into law. Civil Right mean. Political, social, and economic rights that each citizen has by virtue of simply being a citizen, and which are usually upheld by law.
Where is the law?
Many of the article in malaysiakini is a good eye opener to the real Malaysia. Yesterday i felt Malaysia has no future. Being a Malaysian sucked more. What kind of country is this that does not even respect you. Many friends who studied and worked with me overseas always said the same thing i prefer to be a foreigner is a foreign land than on my own land. Sadly it's true....09.08.2008. A another failure. A waste of time this Pakatan Rakyat. Barisan Nasional Is another shame and disappointment. Malaysia will always be the country that could have been great as long this pathetic leaders and politics run malaysia.
Race based politics needs to be abolished. As long this corrupted system is used Malaysia will stay in it's iceage mentality.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Forum is merely for Islam-bashing?????

Where is the ring and who are the fighters? Subashini and S Shamala are the fighters? When a forum is eracted to discuss sensitive issues and controvesial Islam conversion in a lawful, respectful and proper manner. It is brought to the streets instead. Are you all uneducated fools? PKR Kulim-Bandar Baharu parliamentarian Zulkifli Noordin and PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub and Zulkifli who are the idiots incharge of this protest.

Do you know how many families suffer because issues like this were never given enough importance? Torn between two worlds. Not knowing which side of law protects them. This has nothing to do with islam. It's about having legitimate laws that defines cases like this. People like you are irrisponsible. This is why malaysia needs democracy. We are not a democracy. If we were then the police would have given all the neccesary protection to ensure that this forum went thru sucessfully. 15 police officers? Are you kidding me? What happen to all the tax payers money? Corrupted to the core this government.

The protesters, many of whom are from Muslim welfare organsation Perkida and Islamic party PAS, shouted, “Hancur Bar Council” (Crush Bar Council), “Hidup Islam” (Long Live Islam) and “Batal forum” (Cancel the forum).

They are carrying placards saying “Jangan cabar Islam” (Don’t challenge Islam) and “Bar Council, Don’t play with fire”.

Shouts of “babi”, “pengkhianat” and “balik China” were heard as forum participants trickled out of the venue.

Seriously does this look like a people who are aware of their actions. You hurl such words to other non-muslim and you tell that this forum is a form of provocation against Muslims.

The government allowed the forum to be carried out and the let a protest to be carried and forced it to close. I wouldn't be surprised as the government has been having alot of political practices with handling crowds since late last year.
This time they didn't use water cannon or their bats. Reason given by Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman. “If we were to take action, nobody will be safe here,” he said, nothing that the initially passive crowd and turned more aggressive as the demonstration wore on. All of a sudden Malaysian police have been educated with common sense. How much did that cost the tax payers?

This is what UMNO as a government represents. Corrupted pratices. This incident is going to cause alot of dissatisfaction. Especially towards Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Discover your Destiny

"Conversion to Islam: Article 121 (1A) of the Federal Constitution, Subashini and Sharmala Revisited"

The BAR councill is planning to conduct this forum. The issues to be discussed at the forum include conversions to Islam without spouses' knowledge, conversions of children without dual parents' consent and other inheritance issues.
But the response of the Muslim organisation in malaysia is.

-PAS feels if the forum goes ahead, it may raise tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims. This will jeopardise the harmony of the country and will not be beneficial to anyone.
-To guarantee stability between different religions and races, PAS calls for the forum to be cancelled.
-This country has sedition laws and if the forum causes anger among other races and Muslims, the Bar Council must be held responsible.
PAS was adding to the other islamic groups arguement for this forum to be cancelled.

If you think this is an unfair forum. Then please send your best man to address this forum and explain to the best of his ability. If you keep threatening to stop forum which are conducted professionaly. Then imagine the forums that happen in the open like coffee stalls and public gathering. I'm a supporter of the party rakyat. But PAS can never be an islamic faction of PR unless the break their old mindset and work with the other races to realise the malaysian dream.