Saturday, October 10, 2009

Malaysia a sinking ship. malaysiakini

The politic atmosphere in Malaysia has gone from interesting to down right stupid. Ever increasing mud-slinging and cock talks by politician diverts all the public concern issues. Last week i waited 45mins for a train at the KL Sentral KTM station to find the train arriving at train station in snail pace on tow by a KTMB engine train. It was not just embarrassing to see this but disappointing to know the pathetic state of our countries public transport system.

Some criticised Makkal Sakthi party as racially based party as a backwards thinking. But i don't see Malaysia coming out of the ropes of racial politics. Even Pakatan Rakyat does not carry that stand. Having PAS in their coalition defeats the pursuit of abolishing racial based politics. Malaysia will always be ruled by race politics unless they abolish race discrimination. There shouldn't be a race recognition in policies. There shouldn't be an issue of bumiputra or non bumiputra.
This is what that makes us slaves of racial politics. It's time to remove the shackles that deprive us of equal standards.

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