Friday, September 4, 2009

PAS shouldn't stand in Bagan Pinang. Malaysiakini

Barisan Nasional's Bagan Pinang state assemblyperson Azman Mohd Noor, 55, passed away today from an apparent heart attack. His death will pave way for the ninth by-election since the March 2008 general election.
But in Bagan Pinang there is a 60% non malay voters there. I'm not sure why a PAS candidate stood at N31 for the pass two elections. But with all the on going Islamation issues growing out of hand in malaysia. I do not think a PAS candidate would garner enough support with all the on going issues at hand.
I'm very sure that Hindraf would definately field a candidate for this by-election.


  1. Dear Pathman, what exactly is the Islamization issues you're talking about which is getting out of hand ?

    Firstly, don't you think that being a Muslim-majority country and where that majority equally constitutes the indigenous community, being more Islamic should not be an issue for Malaysia ?

    Secondly, you seem to equate Islamization with things negative.

    This shows that you do not what Islam is. It's obvious whatever knowledge you have of Islam is derived from second-hand sources and / or from actions of certain misguided groups of Muslims who act in the name of Islam.

    Thirdly, what exactly do you know about what Islam says regarding religious freedom, racial harmony etc ?

    Fourthly, various newspapers give the percentage of Muslims in Bagan Pinang as 66 percent.

    Therefore, where do you get the info that non-Muslims form 60 percent of its population ?


  2. Dear Adam,
    If you thought just because it's a muslim majority country we have to be an Islamic country then Obama wouldn't have been the president of the US. Being a black.
    Countries like UAE, Bahrain and Qatar are opening up for non muslim participation in their country. Why do you think malaysia is even a muslim majority country now? because of BN's biased policy that supported Malay growth and not the non-malays. There are millions of non-muslim malaysia who have migrated because of this. It's so easy for an Indonesian national to get a citizenship in Malaysia in two years but it took my aunt who is a french 22years to get one. That is the real truth about malaysia.
    I have nothing againts Islam but i don't think i want to be forced upon your believes. The truth is the non-malays had a vast and extensive role in the coutries growth. So this country is as much as yours as mine. I'm a fourth generation malaysian and i have rights on the land i stand.
    There millions like me in Malaysia who also want equal rights and justice in this country. Nobody want's an Islamic state and syariah law.
    Race must never rule a country. The people must rule the country. PAS with it's hard line Islamic ideology is not what the non-malays want.
    The only reason PAS is getting support now is because of the people wanting a change of government. But the bagan pinang by-election results should have shown that the non-malays are asking PAS too tone down.